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New Waterford Fields & Outdoor Space

Record #: CBM0376
Last Modified: 07 Mar 2017
Last Full Update: 07 Mar 2017


Public Bulletin

Email to inquire about booking space


Located In New Waterford


Contact CBRM Recreation; Phone: 902 563-5510

Description & Services

Information CBRM owns the following fields and outdoor space in New Waterford. Please email or phone us to inquire about booking space. All locations are open to the public and we love to see groups and teams making great use of the spaces!


  • Burns
  • Gerry Marsh
  • Park/Bozo Steele
  • Scotchtown
  • Tucker

    Outdoor Space

  • Colliery Lands Park

Skate Park

  • New Waterford Skate Park
    • Soccer

    • MacKinnon
    • Veteran’s Memorial

    Some of these spaces are also booked by a local community group who are associated with the space. We can also connect you with these groups